Taylor Momsen: A Rebel Against Rebels

Taylor Momsen pretty much does every single thing she’s not supposed to do.

So why is she mad at other kids who do the same?

Everyone who goes to a concert knows you aren’t supposed to record it on video and post it on the internet.¬† But go to YouTube and search your favorite song/artist and ‘live performance’ or ‘concert’¬† and see how many million videos you get.

Taylor Momsen and her band The Pretty Reckless were in LA this Tuesday night performing when she placed a ban on all video recording of their set by telling the crowd:

“I know this is the modern age and everyone’s got cameras and cell phones and video cameras. But I’d really appreciate it if you’d put that f**king s**t down. I know it’s very cool to videotape and put it on YouTube the next day. But, frankly, it completely takes away from the show. I’d thoroughly appreciate it if you’d put that s**t down and put your hands in the air I want everyone’s hands in the f**king air.”

Well, sorry Taylor, but the results say these kids listen as much as you.

Celebrities in attendance at Taylor’s show included¬† Shanae Grimes, Taryn Manning, and Caroline D’amore.

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