Lindsay Lohan Still Addicted to Samantha Ronson

Lindsay Lohan is “locked up” at the Betty Ford center for the rest of 2010 trying to beat her drug addiction, but Betty Ford can’t treat an addiction for Samantha Ronson. is reporting that Lindsay is still obsessing over Samantha’s every move while she’s in rehab, and unlike while in jail, she does have ties to the outside world to know what Samantha has been up to.

Says their source: “Lindsay(24) is still constantly trying to find out what Sam is doing at all times while she is stuck in rehab for the next two months! Lindsay does have access as to what is going on in the outside world on a daily basis…her friends and even Mother, Dina are cluing her in as to what’s going on. It’s not helping her recovery at all. Lindsay is obsessing over what Sam is doing and she feels absolutely trapped inside the Betty Ford Center. Sam psychologically tortures Lindsay by putting other relationships out there while Lindsay is in rehab. Sam has always done this–she’s the one person who’s always played mind games with Lindsay which used to push her to the brink. People close to the actress are very concerned that her constant obsession with Samantha is not allowing her to focus on herself.”

Samantha has recently been the subject of a rumored romance with Christina Aguilera, which she has denied, but that would be the type of news that might push Lindsay to use again.

While we don’t think Sam should have to feel like she’s “psychologically torturing” Lindsay by putting other relationships out there, maybe she’s actually trying to keep them under wraps in hopes of Lindsay getting better.

If this obsession keeps up, look out when Lindsay gets released from rehab.

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