Parents Split Has Miley Cyrus ‘Partying in/out the USA’

Just a week after Miley Cyrus was spotted sipping a Corona with friends in Spain, where there’s minimal limits on drinking age, a source is claiming that Miley has been partying to cope with the news that her parents have split up after seventeen years.

A source claims that she’s been losing a lot of sleep over the split, and partying to cope with the news;

“She’s feeling very stuck in the middle and her dad will ask her what her mom says and vice versa so its been really hard on her. She’s feeling like everything is on her shoulders and its not fair.

She’s known there were problems for a while and while she’s happy they’re finally splitting and happy they’re not lying anymore she’s still really upset and feels like for the sake of her little sisters she has to try and keep it together.”

Sounds like things were spinning out of control in the Cyrus house for some time now, and finally it just all became a reality.

That’d be hard on any child, so we feel for her here .  Hopefully separately or together, Billy-Ray and Tish can come together and keep Miley out of any trouble that could come her way.

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