Britney Spears Working On Drama-Free Reality Show?

This could be quite a year for Britney Spears. And it might just be all caught on film!

A source is claiming that Britney Spears is in the running for a new reality series to be shot while she completes her new studio album.

Even though ‘Chaotic’ with Keven Federline was a certified flop, Her MTV special, ‘For The Record’ did really great in the ratings, so a full on show could be huge. has reached out to a source close to the Spears camp who said “the idea has been being tossed around for years now, but it’s never been right with all the legal nonsense and drama in her life. Now that she’s had a successful album and world tour, it’s back to business, and filming this show could be a simple success for her. We’ll see what happens.”

We agree that her life is semi back in order from a career standpoint, but think of all the drama that still exists in Birtney’s life that just doesn’t seem so big any more.  Could still make for some great television.

Think of the possibilities:

  • Her parents are working on getting back together out of nowhere.
  • Her bodyguard is still trying to sue her for sexual harassment and behavior that most men would work for free to be around.
  • Her conservatorship is lifted/not lifted.  She’s inches away from being free but there’s always a tiny snag in the road with her father, Jamie.
  • There could be some interesting interactions between herself and K-fed.

So much drama could squeeze it’s way into this show if need be.  We’d definitely watch.

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