Larry King Talks Marriage During First Post ‘Live’ Interview

Now that Larry King is no longer the interviewer, he can become the interviewee!

During a recent chat with the CBS Early Show King and host Erica Hill got on the topic of his marriage to Shawn Southwick.

King says of the marriage, which almost ended in divorce earlier this year:

“Yes, we went through a rough patch, you know but we ironed it out pretty well. There was a big difference in our ages that might have had something to do with it, but I’m not an expert on marriage.”

King went on to tell the host that he’s been married 8 times, but only been in love three of those times.

The other 5 he said it was just “the thing to do.”

We love Larry King’s honesty!

Glad to see him getting to spend some family time now.

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