Jessica Alba Hosts Annual Holiday Bash!

Wow!  Jessica Alba can throw a party!

Alba recently told new MTV show ‘The Seven’ that she’s in charge of the Alba/Warren X-mas bash.

“We have a big family holiday situation, like 84 people at our house. I don’t cook for everyone, but I do cook at least one turkey and I do like four or five sides, so we bring both of our families together and have a big football watching thing.

“My father-in-law went to UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) and my father went to S.C. (University of Southern California), so we have a rivalry. At Christmas time one wears an S.C. santa hat, and the other wears a UCLA santa hat and then they bet each other.”

We wonder what they bet on, since Basketball is usually the most shown sport on Christmas.    High 5 to whoever took the Heat over the Lakers this year!

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