What if Diddy Never Became a Rapper?

If it wasn’t for a broken leg, we may never know.

Diddy has recently revealed to a British radio DJ that he had aspirations to become an American Football player when he was growing up.

Diddy tells Tim Westwood: I never had any aspirations to become a recording artist, producer, music mogul or anything like that. I loved American football. So throughout grade school and high school I was pursuing dreams to become a professional American football player.

“My last year of high school is when I broke my leg, right before my most important season when the scouts come to see you.”

That got us thinking.  What if Diddy, or Sean Combs was currently battling it out on the gridiron every Sunday, and someone like Tom Brady, or Brett Favre were the head of a multi million dollar recording industry, fashion mogul, and had their own brands of liquor.

The world works in mysterious ways!

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