Lindsay to be Charged With Felony, Could Be Headed Back to Prison

Lindsay Lohan will reportedly be charged with felony theft tomorrow over the infamous stolen necklace, and if convicted, she could be heading right back to prison.

Unless she can provide a heck of a case in the next 24 hours, things could be going downhill real fast when she faces the judge in an LA courtroom at 1:30pm.

Lindsay’s side of the story could possibly check out, but due to the strict rules in place for borrowing jewelry, she may have messed up majorly and even if she’s not ultimately at fault, could be paying the price.

It seems that if she is sent back to prison, it will be one of those very short stays, but it won’t help her probation, and getting her image back in the right light.

Good luck tomorrow, Lindsay.   It’s a shame to see a girl go down for something like this when she is bettering herself from past mistakes of a far worse magnitude, but rules are rules.

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