OJ Simpson’s Rep Denies Prison Beating

A rep for OJ Simpson, who is currently locked up in a Las Vegas prison on a 15 year sentence over a misdemeanor heist of two sports memorabilia dealers  is denying reports that Simpson was beaten unconscious by a white supremacist at the prison.

The National Enquirer is reporting that Simpson was beaten during an altercation and left severely injured causing him to recover for three weeks in the prison’s infirmary.  The report also claims that other prisoners stood by and cheered as Simpson was being attacked.

A rep for the Nevada State Corrections Department is firing back, claiming thatno incident at all” and that “O.J.’s fine and healthy.”

It’s tough to decide if the Nevada Corrections Department would refute the story for reasons of protecting celebs in custody, or making themselves look better or not, but we are dealing with criminals here, so attacks should not be considered surprising for anyone.

OJ Simpson is serving his time, so hopefully he is in good health, especially when the rumored attack is by someone with very immoral values.

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One Response to OJ Simpson’s Rep Denies Prison Beating

  1. February 17, 2011 at 7:53 pm #

    Well, guess what? If the Rumors of OJ Simpson being brutalized in prison was a phony ploy by the National Enquirer, so was the accusation of him being a murderer in 1995 according to documents found in a text book size, 530 page, new release through amazon.com/books entitled “Pursuit of Exhibit 35 in the OJ Simpson Murder Trial and its Hidden Secrets”. It appears that Simpson’s acknowledged independent investigative team from OMIG were able to secure long sought after highway data for the night his in-laws drove back to Orange County from their last meal with Nicole Brown Simpson in Brentwood. A stipulation entered cut the usual 90 min. travel time in half. Now the traffic records for the southbound I-405 between 8 and 9 PM indicates they were in yr two of a five yr HOV construction project causing a highway traffic situation approaching gridlock for 8-to-10 miles from where the Browns would have entered reducing traffic speeds to below 30 MPH. This again raises the question of whether Nicole was alive at the original 11 PM as both mother and father said, while Simpson was being driven to LAX to catch an 11:45 PM flight to Chicago. It’s a lengthy but fascinating book with a surprising theory as to why Cochran may have went along with the cover up of these records. Many people including the deceased Cochran, Fred Goldman, Lou and Juditha Brown have a lot explaining to do. A must read.


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