Kelly Osbourne Puts Foot Surgery On Hold

Kelly Osbourne has decided against having surgery on her crippled feet, pushing it aside until she absolutely needs it because she can’t face the pain that would come with it.

The daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne reportedly damaged her feet bad during her stint on ABC’s ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ and is faced with a surgical procedure to get them back to normal, but is insisting she’ll wait until she can no longer walk to go through with it.

Does this mean all the celebs who have appeared on the show are having foot issues?

Kelly tells recently, “I’m putting it off until I become a cripple. There’s no way I could do it. They’re going to break four bones in my feet and some ligaments. When I saw what was actually involved, I was like, ‘No!’ It hurts… but I’ll just put up with it until I can’t put up with it anymore.”

It can only get worse from there, Kelly, better to do it now than wait until later!

One good thing that came from Osbourne’s stint on DWTS was her massive weight loss!  She has been looking amazing these days, and is keeping off all of the weight she lost during her dancing training.

Hopefully she doesn’t regret pushing the surgery off in the long run, though.

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