David Arquette to Replace Michael Vick on Oprah Show

Michael Vick’s decision to cancel on Oprah Winfrey may have been a blessing in disguise, because now David Arquette is slated to appear on the show in his place.

Oprah was scheduled to grill Vick this coming week, one of the first in depth interviews he’s participated in since being released from prison, but he pulled out at the last minute “after careful consideration.”

Arquette has had a pretty wild couple of months though, including a split from wife Courteney Cox, and some mighty strange behavior.

Winfrey is slated to grill David Arquette on all topics, including his  separation, his strange behaviour afterwards, and his subsequent stint in rehab.

He’s also got a new movie, Scream 4, coming out in April.

The Cox/Arquette family is one you should be rooting for.  Can’t wait to hear what David Arquette has to say.

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