Jason Biggs Writing Twitter Novel With Heidi Montag

Sometimes Twitter works in mysterious ways.  Today it was Heidi Montag and Jason Biggs writing a romance novel back and forth together.

Yes, we said Heidi Montag and Jason Biggs.  Two celebs you never thought you’d see interact with one another.

Here’s some of the back and forth between the two.

Heidi’s Romance Novel, Chapter 1: @biggsjason sits seductively on a tiger skin rug, wearing nothing but a yarmulke..

Heidi’s Romance Novel, Ch.2: Heidi n Jason walk on beach @ sunset singing songs from Supernatural 2 each other. Gently. Softly.

#HMRomNovel Ch3: Heidi & @biggsjason jet off to a chalet in the Alps to recover the stolen microchip from the KGB.

#HMRomNovel Ch4: @heidimontag n I in Elizabethan England, 2 star crossed lovers from feuding families who speak 2 each other only in sonnets

#HMRomNovel ch5: @biggsjason courts Heidi against the backdrop of the burning of Civil War Atlanta. He doesn’t even give a damn.

#HMRomNovel Ch6: Jason’s faithful palomino, Bianco, accidentally kicks @heidimontag n Jason rushes 2 her aid, a true knight in shining armor

There’s a bit more if you feel like following @heidimontag or @biggsjason  but you get the point!

We were just waiting for Spencer Pratt to join in the whole time but he never did.

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