Kim Kardashian In Talks For John Travolta Film

Kim Kardashian could be heading back to the big screen, to play the role of daughter in law of the late New York mafia boss, John Gotti.

Kardashian is the latest to be rumored to be joining the film, which will star John Travolta as Gotti, who wast the famous boss of the New York City Gambino crime family  who died back in 2002 while serving a life sentence in prison.

The film will be produced by Gotti’s middle son, John A. Gotti, who is married to the character that would be played by Kardashian in the film.

Note to any guy who may be planning to produce a movie about his family, hire Kim Kardashian to play the on screen version of your wife if you want mega bonus points at home!

Though she’s not signed on for the role yet, a source close to Kim K has revealed that “she’s in talks to do the movie.”

It wouldn’t be Kardashian’s first attempt at acting, she’s appeared on episodes of ‘CSI: NY’, ‘Beyond the Break’, and in the 2008 big-screen spoof, ‘Disaster Movie’

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