Tim Burton and Josh Brolin Teaming Up For ‘Hunchback?’

Tim Burton’s latest take on a Disney film, Alice in Wonderland, (obviously not originally created by Disney) won an Oscar last Sunday for set design, so will his next be bringing more of the same?

Burton is rumored to be teaming up with Josh Brolin and Warner Brothers for a new adaptation of Victor Hugo’s ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame.’

Brolin will produce and star in the film, which is currently being written by Sherlock Holmes writers Kieren and Michele Mulroney, and it’s uncertain yet if Burton will just produce, or also direct.  (That makes a BIG difference.)

Burton is currently working on pre-production for he and Johnny Depp’s vampire film, ‘Dark Shadows,’ so that will also play a factor on whether or not he commits.

Hopefully he does though, wouldn’t his take on Quasimodo be great?

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