Lindsay Lohan Necklace Surveillance Footage Popping Up on Internet

The surveillance footage of Lindsay Lohan in the California jewelry store where she allegedly stole a $2,500 necklace and is facing jailtime has sold and is about to premiere on this brand new website,

Stills from the tape have started popping up on the net at ET and E! Online, and both are planning to show some of the footage on their television shows this evening.

It’s not certain why the jewelry store sold the video, unless Lohan’s claims that the video would prove her innocence are true, and the store was hoping to cash in quick before the court date once the judge has a chance to review the footage.

The store reportedly has said that they have lost business since the ordeal, and were trying to recoup some of the money, selling the tape to regain some of the funds.

Lohan is hopeful that the sale of the tape will help make her case that the company is only out for money against her, and that once people see the tape they will see she’s innocent.  Both her lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, and the DA will be meeting with the judge this week to discuss options, including a very shortened jail sentence for the plea deal.

Maybe Lohan will be able to avoid court all together now.

Are you guys starting to shift to Team Lindsay a little bit too here?

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