Michael Lohan Set to Face One Of Lindsay’s Judges

Michael Lohan has been officially charged with domestic violence against his ex girlfriend, Kate Major, and his day in court will come.

Unfortunately for Judges Marsha Revel and Eldin Fox, they thought their days with Lohan family members were done.  They thought wrong.

TMZ is reporting that either Judge Revel or Judge Fox will be the Judge in charge of Michael Lohan’s case, a case in which he is refuting, and filing a police report of his own.

Lohan claims it was Kate Major who assaulted him, as well as pulled out a sharp object and did harm to herself.  He’s also claiming that she left the house with a bunch of clothes that he had purchased for his daughter, Lindsay Lohan.

While it’s sort of hard to believe either side in this type of a case, that’s what the Judge and the jury is for.

It will be interesting to see the evidence submitted.

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