Jeremy Piven the Latest On The List to Replace Charlie Sheen?

As the drama that is Charlie Sheen vs. Two And a Half Men wages on,  CBS and Warner Brothes may still be looking for someone to fill his shoes if the series chooses to continue.

The lasted name to be thrown into the hat is Jeremy Piven.

Yes, he’s easiliy still under contract with HBO for Entourage which would probably keep him from doing it, but stranger things have happened.

A source close to the talks reveals;

“Jeremy is a great actor and a hot commodity, his name has come up a couple of times in talks about who, if anybody, could step into Charlie’s shoes.”

While we don’t think anyone can really fill Charlie’s shoes, that doesn’t mean the studio wouldn’t give it a try in hopes of making a few more dollars, so what do you guys think of Jeremy Piven filling in as Charlie Harper?

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