Pia Toscano’s Shocking Idol Elimination

Conspiracy theorist are typing away today over the shocking elimination of heavily favored Pia Toscano last night on American Idol.

To be fair, Pia may have had the best voice on the show this season, and not to mention the looks, but where and how did America go wrong?  Let’s take a look at a couple theories.

Female Voters:  Voting for AI is traditionally dominated by females, with the teens and their texting being one of the main sources.  teenage girls, and women who are sick of hearing their boyfriends and male friends talk about how hot Pia Toscano is probably didn’t vote for her over jealousy, but to be eliminated in spot 9 still?

Judges: The judges are bringing little to no criticism this year.  All three shower the contestants with praise, and making it clear that Toscano is going to have a career beyond Idol has probably lost her some voters as well.

Safe Voters: How many of you didn’t vote for Pia this week because you were so confidant that she was going to be safe that your vote wasn’t needed? Probably a lot! The truth is, your vote is needed!  With social media and online campaigns for contestants who aren’t as good, some of them are sure to sneak through.

Hackers: It’s a stretch, but must be included.  American Idol has instituted online voting for the first time this season.  Unlike Dancing With The Stars where the judges scores count for something as well, all it would take is for some nerd to beat the system online and cast a million votes for an undeserving contestant.  We bet Pia’s hot friends aren’t capable of hacking…

Fixed:  A popular one this week on the Internet.  Many are claiming that Idol producers probably fixed the vote to eliminate Pia Toscano early.  This would create a buzz for the show, and get her at work on an album as early as today.  Don’t be surprised if she signs a deal in the coming weeks.  Don’t be surprised if the label is somhowl linked to Idol’s label.  Don’t be surprised about anything these days. (life advice)

In the end, Pia will be okay. She doesn’t NEED American Idol.  She has already made a name for herself from it, and maybe even a bigger name with the early exit.

Previous Idol losers, such as Chris Daughtry, and Jennfer Hudson have done okay for themselves.  Better than some (most) of the winners as well.

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2 Responses to Pia Toscano’s Shocking Idol Elimination

  1. April 8, 2011 at 7:58 pm #

    Pia is a stiff. She’s has the personality of a mannequin and the moves to go with it. Perfect for the evening gown portion of the show, oh wait, that’s a beauty pageant not a talent show looking for the all-around best performer. She can sing, yep, but so can millions of others. What she lacks is that star power that can captivate the audience and have them saying “wow”. No, hitting long drawn out notes while you stand there with your knees slightly bent to keep you from passing out due to lack of blood circulation because you rarely move is not “wow”. Good riddance to the blah, and let’s get on with the yeah!

  2. April 8, 2011 at 9:27 pm #

    WOW, what a bummer with the elimination of Pia. Not sure that AI is worth watching anymore when someone with that much talent is eliminated this early. I guess if you want screaming and jumping around like some of the contestants, as Rogby likes to watch, instead of pure class and talent you should go to the zoo. Pia is one contestant that has the VOICE, Looks, and was improving on the talent part of the program. Pia, at the begining of the program was very modest and was starting to come out of her shell. It would not suprise me if Pia has a contract by the end of next week. GO PIA!!! Your a CLASS ACT.

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