Sharon Osbourne Pays Off Mystery Tax Debt

Reports surfaced earlier this week that Sharon Osbourne and her rocker husband Ozzy had a tax lien put on them to the tune of 1.7 million dollars in unpaid taxes.

News of the lien got to Osbourne the same way it got to us, by way of report from an entertainment site.  In a statement to Perez Hilton, Sharon Osbourne reveals that she had no idea of the situation, and that it was being taken care of.

“At 4:00 p.m. on Friday afternoon I received a phone call from my publicist who had a reporter on the other line informing her that the IRS had just put a lien on one of our properties.”

“I then contacted my accountant who said they knew nothing about any lien. The lien has been paid. I do intend to find out how this lien happened without the knowledge of myself or my accountants.”

“I hope none of this reflects negatively on mine and Ozzy’s moral character.”

With money coming in from all directions at all times, it’s not hard to believe that they were unaware, as this sounds like more of a screw up in the accounting department.

Surely she’s not the first celebrity to fall behind on tax payments.

You buying Sharon’s excuse?

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