Jennifer Love Hewitt Has An Excuse For Never Being Married

Celebs like Cameron Diaz claim that marriage just isn’t for them, and Jennifer Aniston’s unfortunate split with Brad Pitt probably has her nervous in going through it again, but for Jennifer Love Hewitt, she has come up with a comforting excuse to never getting married.

The actress has dated a bunch, and been engaged to Ross McCall before breaking it off, but is blaming her never walking down the aisle on not catching the bouquet at a friends wedding.

She explains,  of being a bridesmaid in a close friend’s wedding, “(Actor) Luke Perry was single at the time and I’m like, ‘This is my moment!’ And so I dove for the bouquet and this woman knocked me out of the way, onto the floor.
“So what happens when that happens is you’re like me – you just date a lot and never get married.”

Traitionally, the single lady who catches the bouquet at a wedding reception is the next to get married.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is 32 years old.  Still young if you ask us!

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