Cougartown In Danger After Poor Ratings

Courteney Cox’s career sounds about as stable as her marriage.

Her ABC series ‘Cougartown’ is in danger of getting canceled if the low ratings keep up next season, and the show’s creator is still playing the name-blame-game.

In a post on his page, Bill Lawrence writes: s, “The ratings suck… and (the) show will go away if they don’t get better next year. Research shows a large number of people who won’t/haven’t tried show out because of… The title.” “You ever tried to get someone to watch this show? ‘I don’t want to watch show about old ladies banging young guys.’ We are talking about this because we are counting on you guys to stick (with) us, and maybe entice some new folks (show not about Cougars).”

Lawrence and co. through around the idea of changing the name before season two, but opted to stick with it.  After season two’s ratings came back just as low, they are about ready to try anything!

Cox’s Cougartown co-star  Busy Philips even took to her page to enlist her fans to help come up with a new name.  She writes: “Ok. Guys. New title suggestions for CougarTown? I think (Lawrence) is really seriously gonna do it this time.”

What do you think they should call ‘Cougartown?’

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