Paris Hilton Upset Over Critisicm Of Her New Show On ‘The View’

Paris Hilton is said to be furious after an appearance on The View last week turned ugly when the shows hosts hit her with a barrage of questionable questions regarding her new reality show, ‘The World According To Paris.’

‘View’ co-host Whoopi Goldberg questioned Hilton on why she would show herself shopping on the show, saying “Why would you show them you shopping? Do you not think it make you seem a bit fluffy?”

Barbara Walters was next to go at Hilton for making jokes about her community service that was also shown in the show’s premiere episode.

Hilton responded that she “does charity work all the time” and also added that she makes the jokes on the show for entertainment purposes, “When I’m on the show it’s supposed to be entertaining and funny, so I’ll make silly little jokes. It doesn’t mean I’m serious.. I just like to joke around.”

Hilton reportedly confronted a producer after the segment taped, and canceled two interviews for the following day claiming to be sick.

‘The World According To Paris’ premiered on Wednesday to less than stellar ratings.

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