Miley Cyrus: “It’s Easy Being Justin Bieber”

Miley Cyrus thinks it’s easy being Justin Bieber!

During a recent chat with Australia’s TV Show ‘The Dirt,’ she explains of spoofing Bieber for SNL:

“I had so much fun doing that (SNL). Justin Bieber was so much fun and when I was rehearsing I was like … ‘I’m kinda nervous,’ I didn’t think I was good at it and then I got the wig on and put the clothes on and I was like ‘being Justin Bieber is easy! You’ve got an easy job, it’s easy to look cute with the little hair and the baggy pants.”

As for whether or not Bieber could play Miley, the singer jokes;

“I don’t think he could do it,” she teased. “He’d have to work on getting his voice deep enough. It’s easy for me to get my voice higher.”

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