Eminem Being Criticized For Music Video Suicide

Eminem has once again gotten a parents group up in arms all over his new video for ‘Space Bound,’ which shows him murdering his girlfriend, and then shooting himself.

The singer stars along side adult actress Sasha Grey in the video, in which a struggle ensues leaving her dead, forcing him to shoot himself in the head, and it’s pretty graphic as well.

Just as was the case with Rihanna’s latest video which depicted her shooting an attacker, parents groups are pissed!

A spokesperson from U.K. group Mothers Against Violence tells Britain’s Daily Mirror, “People who do this are really quite evil. Children are influenced by the things they see. If we feed violence, it becomes strong. Like an addiction.”

“It’s all about the money with these videos. Eminem isn’t thinking about the families affected. It’s selfish – it comes to a point when selfishness becomes evil.”

Though it seems more likely that good parenting would prevent a child from thinking this was “right.”  If what we see on television was that big of an influence, then children should just stay away from the television all together!

Eminem likely will be able to shrug this one off.

Watch the video below, and kids, don’t try this at home.

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