Kat Von D: “What Can I Say? I Suck”

Kat Von D is not apologizing for walking out on a morning show interview on Wednesday, but she is writing a letter to her fans and the media to discuss the events.

The letter, titled “What Can I Say? I Suck,” reads:

Although my intentions were never to offend or hurt anyone’s feelings, this isn’t an apology for walking out on a silly morning show interview this morning- and this isn’t an attempt at justifying anything either. I don’t expect people to understand, just like I can’t expect myself to be able to please everyone at all times.

[Thursday] the new season of LA Ink starts and I admit I’m not strong enough to do all the press I committed to doing for the show. Today was a perfect example of that. I’m not going to flatter myself in thinking I’m interesting enough for the press not to pry into gossip-related questions so its unfair of me to expect them to respect that ..but even though it’s not in my nature to cancel on people, it IS in my nature to admit when I’m weak.

Ratings….Sales….Publicity….The amount of followers I have on twitter… None of those things matters to me… Watch the show or don’t watch it. Whether people tune in or not doesn’t change my best efforts or the quality of what I do, because when you make something for the sake of putting good out into the universe, the payback comes from a much more fulfilling place than any man made form of payment.”

Von D recently announced a split from fiance Jesse James, and has cancelled all of her promotions for the upcoming season of LA Ink, which airs tonight on TLC.

We think she will be getting plenty of press with this break up, and the ratings should be as big as ever!  Almost as if it was all part of the plan!

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