Dina Lohan Seeking $5 Million Investment For Drug Addict Film

Lindsay Lohan’s mom Dina is the head of Defiant Pictures and is seeking an an investment of more than five million dollars to secure her dream cast of Selena Gomez, Amanda Seyfried, and Dakota Fanning.

Lohan’s film is a  drama called Growing Defiant, and is described as “the story of three life long friends from upper middle class Long Island, who delve into the underworlds of heroin.”

The business plan, asking for $5.28 million also envisions Hayden Panettiere, Emma Stone, James Gandolfini and Susan Sarandon to star in the film as well.

So far, the only one signed on to her film is (unknown actor) her son, Michael Lohan Jr.

$1.1 million of the $5.28 is allocated for actors fees.

Good luck, mama Lohan…

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