Hulk Hogan Launching New Wrestling Program

Hulk Hogan will be launching a new wrestling program for TruTV, with the competition being a little smaller than he’s used to.

‘Hulk Hogan’s Micro Championship Wrestling’ will chronicle the lives of a group of little wrestlers based out of Florida, as they try and get their skills on par with some of the greats.

Hogan revealed to Perez Hilton in a recent interview: “I spent 20 years around (7-foot, 4-inch) Andre the Giant and he couldn’t sit in a first class seat (on an airplane). People would walk behind him in the airport and you’d hear comments. They’d say cruel things.

“(But) in these guys’ cases, you might see one go into a hotel lobby front desk and the clerk can’t see them. I’m trying to get them to function on a higher level. How to handle themselves in the ring, being more professional and, basically, reinventing yourself. We get to see how they handle normal-sized doors and cars, as well as watching them deal with their wives or helping their kids doing their homework.”

Learning from the best!

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