Seth Rogen Gearing Up For “The Apocalypse”

No, Seth Rogen is not one of those foolish people stocking his basement with canned meat and toilet paper in anticipation for 2012, at least in real life.

Rogen is gearing up for “The Apocalypse” by writing a great script, and getting some of his best buds on board.

Rogen and friend Jay Baruchel released a short a while back titled ‘Jay and Seth vs. The Apocalypse,” about two friends hiding out in a house together during the apocolypse, and he is now getting ready to adapt it into a full length “horror comedy.”

According to the Winnepeg Free Press: “It’s a movie about a bunch of friends who are stuck in a house together as the apocalypse happens outside and they kind of barricade themselves in,” Rogen said in an interview at the Toronto International Film Festival. “They think they’ve kind of survived the worst and then they realize they all really can’t stand to be around each other as they’re stuck in this house together.”

Rogen plans to write and direct the project, and has already got film friends Jonah Hill and James Franco on board.

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