PETA Takes Aim At The Royal Family

Prince William and Kate Middleton are the latest celebs facing a PETA attack.

The Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge have come under fire by the animal rights organization.

Apparently PETA found out that Prince William had recently given his brother a number of ducks, pheasants, and partridges as a birthday gift for a shooting sesh at Queen Elizabeth’s estate.

The organization decided to drag Kate into it write Kate and hope she would become the voice of reason.  In the letter they write: We understand that Prince William has given a gift of ‘game birds’ to Prince Harry for his birthday. There is no honor in buying birds and reducing them… to shooting targets… May I ask you to use your influence on the Princes and ask them to reconsider this gift?

“You are in a unique position to be able to wield considerable influence over whether people everywhere view animals and their place in our world with kindness or blithely ignore their suffering. Please ask the Princes to open their hearts to the suffering of birds casually used as skeet and make the compassionate decision not to kill for fun.

“By cancelling the planned ‘day’s sport… they will win hearts and commendations and spare hundreds of birds a terrifying end, making it clear that the monarchy is in tune with the social movement against cruelty to animals.”

We do sort of think Harry should go out and find his own birds rather than shoot the purchased ones, but oh to be a Prince!

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