Shia LaBeouf In Bar Room Brawl in Vancouver

Shia is as Shia does…

Shia LaBeouf was a part of a scuffle at a Vancouver bar this past weekend, and cops are reviewing the video tape.

The incident took place Thursday night at Cinema Public House, where LaBeouf is on location filming ‘The Company You Keep,’ when he reportedly clashed with another patron at the bar.

The pair was allegedly ejected from the venue by security staff when things got out of hand, and the fight took itself outside.

TMZ has video of LaBeouf being punched by an unnamed person while laying on the ground.  Others outside quickly stepped in to pull Shia out of there.

An onlooker at the bar has reported to Gossip Cop, “They were both really drunk… He (LaBeouf) thought a lot of people (on the street) were attacking him, but the other people were trying to help (him).”


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