President Obama Announces Troops Will Be Home For The Holidays

President Obama is keeping one of his promises. ( If that’s how you want to see it. Super great news either way!)

The President has announced that he will be pulling all troops from Iraq and they will be home for the holidays.

The President said in a statement:

“After nearly nine years, America’s war in Iraq will be over. The coming months will be another season of homecomings. Across America, our servicemen and women will be reunited with their families … This December will be a time to reflect on all that we’ve been through in this war. “[He and Iraq prime minister Nouri al-Maliki are in] full agreement about how to move forward. [Our troops will exit Iraw] with their heads held high, proud of their success, and knowing that the American people stand united in our support for our troops. With our diplomats and civilian advisers in the lead, we will help Iraqis strengthen institutions that are just, representative, and accountable. We’ll build new ties of trade and of commerce, culture and education that unleash the potential of the Iraqi people. We’ll partner with an Iraq that contributes to regional security and peace, just as we insist that other nations respect Iraq’s sovereignty. I would note that the end of war in Iraq reflects a larger transition. The tide of war is receding.”

Great news for these troops!

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  1. December 14, 2012 at 6:51 am #

    What’s up powerful president ” Obama Announces Troops Will Be Home For The Holidays” okay thanks all of u………………………………………

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