Billy Ray Cyrus Posts UFO Sighting

Billy Ray Cyrus is a believer, who knew?

Miley Cyrus’ dad posted this photo to his page, explaining that he just saw his first UFO.

He writes, “O.K. My first UFO sighting. Looks like 5 or 6 disk-like shapes hovering. Special moment 4 Dad.”

Most likely just strange cloud coverage as the sun sets in the west ( LA is no stranger to a strange colored sky at night) but hey, imagination is what makes us live life to the fullest!

Congrats on your first “UFO” Billy Ray!

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2 Responses to Billy Ray Cyrus Posts UFO Sighting

  1. October 25, 2011 at 9:56 pm #

    What a moron. ¬†The guy and his son are working on production of a “reality show” that is based on following up on UFO sightings. ¬†Could this (gasp!) perhaps be a marketing campaign?

  2. October 26, 2011 at 1:56 pm #

    What is this world coming to…when so many people hide behind the anonymous Internet to ridicule others? Please, let’s not forget to treat others kindly, like we want others to treat us. We are all our own unique beings, worthy of our own ideas, viewpoints, etc. Seems these days one can’t say anything “publically” (celebrity or not) without being bullied by others. Please remember…
    I believe he saw something beautiful. I also appreciate him sharing such a gorgeous photo as well. Seems to be a huge upshift in UFO sightings over past few years. Something IS going on, and I look forward to the day Our Creator unfolds all the mysteries before us. Blessings and Peace to all.

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