Michael Lohan Arrested For Domestic Violence

Last Halloween Michael Lohan dressed as a cop, this Halloween he’s getting arrested by them.

Michael Lohan was arrested in Tampa, Florida early Tuesday morning for domestic violence against his on/off again girlfriend, Kate Major.

TMZ reports that cops were called to the scene and Lohan was arrested, but when he complained of chest pains they transported him to a nearby hospital. Tests were ran and everything was fine, so he was arrested at the hospital and taken to jail.

Michael and Kate were reportedly arguing over a number of things depending on who you ask, but according to the police report, Lohan pushed her several times, threw a remote at her, and smashed her cell phone.

Major is also claiming that there was an altercation the night before, where she threatened to call the cops, but Lohan banged his head on the wall and insisted if she called the cops he’d say she did it.  (Lohan told cops this time the cut on his head came from her clamming the door in his face.)

These two were also reportedly a day a way from a hearing that would get the restraining order dropped from the last domestic violence dispute.

We’re guessing that’s not in the cards any more, but doesn’t that make that a violation?

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