Lindsay Lohan’s Delayed Jail Sentence Will Save Her Playboy Deal

Lindsay Lohan seems to be catching a lot of lucky breaks this week with her probation violation.

Not only is she set to get out of jail with in minutes, or at most one night, due to overcrowding, even though the judge said 30 days no early release/no house arrest.

But she’s also going to hang on to a reported $1 million dollars after her lawyer pleaded with the judge to let her start her sentence in a week so that she could finish her Playboy shoot. If Lohan had been forced to start a sentence on Wednesday after court, and not been able to finish her Playboy shoot, she would have breached her contract, and may have lost out on the money.

Judge Saunter gave Lohan until November 9th to surrender, which pretty much saved her $1 million dollars.


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