Antonio Banderas Thinks The End Of Civilization is Near

Antonio Banderas is getting political!

Not only does the actor think that the advent of the internet could spell the end of human civilization, but he believes that the tragic attacks on NYC on 9/11 started the end of the world.

In a new interview with Britain’s Seven Magazine, Banderas explains, “What is happening with all this pain now? There are people in the streets who are angry. Something has to happen. I think we are realizing that governments can’t govern us anymore.

“I think it all started happening with the end of the (Twin) Towers. With the fall of those towers, we were witnessing the end of civilization as we knew it. The ways in which we communicate have changed. It’s almost spiritual. The web, the internet.

“There’s something happening in the world that didn’t happen before. We are acting like one big brain. The problem is that if we get in a suicidal mood the end may happen. If we get in a positive mood it will not.”

Do you agree? What needs to be done?

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