Jeremy Piven Had A Wild Ride One Christmas Long Ago

Jeremy Piven is still haunted by the ghost of Christmas past.

That is, back when he was 14, he almost wrecked his parents car into the neighbors house during a Christmas joy ride.

Piven’s parents were heading out of town during the snowy Chicago Christmas, and needed them to drive the family car back home at age 14.

He recants, “I remember one Christmas my parents were out of town, (and they said), ‘We have to drive our car back, can you drive?’ At 14, I said, ‘Of course I can drive!’ – I’d never driven – and I got behind the wheel of the station wagon and you know, Chicago was 47 degrees below zero, it’s winter, it’s nice and icy, so I’m teaching myself how to drive.

“I got really cocky and on the last turn, I kinda gunned it (the accelerator) and lost control, jumped the curb and skid in between two trees… and I see a couple, drinking tea in a living room in front of a Christmas tree, and I’m speeding towards them and I keep pumping at what I think is the brake, because I really don’t know the difference, so I’m pumping the accelerator and it’s going faster and faster and I’m thinking, ‘This is the part where I smash into the living room and into these fine people’s home into their tree’, and I finally slammed on the brakes and skidded out before I hit their living room and they looked up and see this 14-year-old kid (behind the wheel)!”

Parenting has changed a bit since those days.



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