Kelly Osbourne Slams Drinkin Reports

Kelly Osbourne has taken aim at popular celebrity blog after a story that claims she was caught boozing at a Golden Globes after party this past weekend in Los Angeles.

Osbourne has been living clean and sober for some time now, and wasn’t going to let the site get away with their story.

Kelly took to her page to refute the rumors.

“That’s funny Radar because I was not even at any of the after parties I was working!!! Radar Online please stop writing bulls**t about me I did not even go to any Golden Globe parties I was working!

“I will say this till I’m blue in the face I do enough stupid s**t you dont need to make things up! My roommate and I are having a proper laugh about all this… He goes, ‘I wish you were that fun. U (sic) never do anything but work old lady.’

“Trust me I’ve worked too hard to go and f**k my life up agin you a** holes! and that’s quite frankly all I have to say on this stupid subject!”

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