MTV Cant “Punk” NPH

The character of Barney from ‘How I Met Your Mother’ might be a little more legen (wait for it) dary than we thought in real life.

Neil Patrick Harris set out for a nice little Sunday with his partner this weekend which included rock climbing to which he Tweeted, “Rock climbing with @Davidburtka today. Chill Sunday fun.”

After it was over he revealed to his followers that the whole thing was a ruse in an attempt to prank him for MTV’s “Punk’d” which is coming back to the network this year.

Harris followed up with “So the rock climbing was a ruse to try and have me Punk’d. Nice try, MTV. It’ll take more than a live bear destroying my car to fool NPH.”

The tweet was later deleted probably to try and avoid any spoilers for the failure, but the damage is done.  It’s been grabbed and re-tweeted.

Bottom line, nobody pulls a fast one on NPH!

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