Lindsay Lohan Gets Positive Progress Report From Judge

Lindsay Lohan is in the final stages of her legal troubles, and she’s getting a positive report!

Lohan was in court once again on Wednesday morning, where Judge Stephanie Saunter told the actress,

“We’ve seen positive progress… You’re in the home stretch! You seem to be getting your life back on track.”

Lindsay’s community service is down to 14 days of volunteer work at the L.A. County morgue, and five more counselling appointments to attend and her sentence will be fulfilled stemming¬† from a necklace theft conviction in early 2011.

The final court date will be on March 29 and if she completes her sentence, her probation for the DUI charge will then be complete.

Still, Judge Saunter warned Lohan to stay out of trouble! .

The Judge added, “The Beverly Hills (DUI) case will go bye bye, but for the theft you’ll still be on probation – informal non reporting probation… Just obey all laws, stay out of trouble and move on with your life.”

Lohan seems to be doing just that.¬† She’s set to star as Elizabeth Taylor in the upcoming Lifetime film, ‘Liz & Dick,’ and is scheduled to host Saturday Night Live next month.

As part of fulfilling her terms of sentence, Lohan will be permitted to travel out of California for work, as long as she keeps her probation officer aware of her whereabouts.


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