Justin Bieber ‘Beaver’ App Battle Heating Up

The legal war between Justin Bieber and a game company who has parodied his face is heating up!

The singing mega-star sent a threatening letter to games company RC3, alleging that their, new mobile app game, ‘ Joustin’ Beaver,’ which features a Bieber-styled beaver, infringes on his trademarks.

Team Bieber threatened to sue the company unless the game is removed from sale on the iTunes website.

Executives at RC3 refused to give in and they have now hit back at Biebs by filing a preemptive lawsuit against the singer.  TMZ is reporting that the company is asking a court to declare they are not breaking the law by mocking the teenage star.

The company believes it is within  their right to “parody” famous faces  and that it is protected under the U.S. constitution.

You be the judge… Mocking Bieber… Fair of foul?

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