Adam Lambert Drops Lawsuit Over Pre-Idol Release

Rocker Adam Lambert has settled a lawsuit filed against him by a music publishing company that came forward prior to him shooting to fame as the runner up  on American Idol.

Lambert sued by Colwel Platinum Entertainment last November after the company claimed  he worked with them and signed a publishing agreement before he found fame on the hit music show.

The lawsuit was filed after reps for Lambert demanded an album the star recorded before his Idol run be removed from sale on online market place

As of this week, the suit has  been dropped, and Lambert has agreed to let the record, Beg For Mercy, be released.

A statement released from Colwel Platinum Entertainment reads, “The Colwel Platinum Entertainment lawsuit against Adam Lambert has been resolved. Adam has withdrawn any objections to the release of Beg For Mercy and he has approved the use of his songs and performances in these pre-Idol recordings which are interpretations of his artistic vision at the time.”


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One Response to Adam Lambert Drops Lawsuit Over Pre-Idol Release

  1. March 2, 2012 at 7:18 am #

    His fans call it Beg for Money. That’s what the scumbag is doing. Don’t buy this album. Wait for Adam’s real second album “Trespassing” which will be released soon.

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