Did Lindsay Lohan’s SNL Performance Do Her Comeback Any Favors?

It’s assumed that most of you tuned into SNL on Saturday, seeing as it was the second highest rated episode of the season.  But did you enjoy it?

Many critics are blasting the Lohan hosted episode, for it’s lack of … everything!

Lindsay’s performance along with the quality of the skits involving Lohan are getting blasted by critics all over the Internet.  Many feel that this may have doomed her comeback all together.

Props to Lindsay for not being afraid to “go there” on a number of subjects, however her improv skills are a bit wishy/washy, not to mention she’s not very funny.

When you really think about it, Lindsay’s last big acting role came in 2004 with ‘Mean Girls,’ and it wasn’t until 2012 when she was cast in the Elizabeth Taylor biopic for Lifetime, ‘Liz & Dick.’

So what has the SNL hosting gig done for her?  Are casting directors going to be knocking down the door this week and beyond?


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