Drake’s Womanizing Days Are over

Not usually the way of the young rapper, or the rapper at all for that matter, but Drake is ready to settle it down a bit.

The former actor turned rapper shot to fame a few years back, and quickly realized it was to get the ladies with a couple hit singles on the charts.

Drake, who was once linked to Rihanna, admits that at one point he was obsessed with the idea of hooking up with as many women as possible, but he no longer is interested in that.

Drake tells GQ magazine;

“There’s just a time where it was like, just getting p**sy. Where I was in that sort of ‘I’m young, I’m going to disconnect from my emotions and just do what everyone else tells me I should do and just be a rapper and have my fun.'”

He adds, “For me as a person, it just doesn’t work. I just need something else. The seconds after a man reaches climax, that’s like the realest moment of your life. If I don’t want you next to me in that 15, 20 seconds, then there’s something wrong.

“I’m trying to find the same feelings that I had for women when I had very little going on, which is tough. When I was in my mom’s house, I had nowhere to go, no real obligations. My girlfriend at the time, if she was mad at me, my day was all f**ked up. I didn’t have anything else.

“That made for some of the best music, I think, to date. Records where I felt small. That feeling is hard to capture when you’re sitting out here in a space like this. It’s really difficult for me to find something that makes me feel small.”

Just what every woman wants to hear!

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