Jessica Alba Ignores Celebrity Gossip

Celebs like Jessica Alba don’t have enough time to respond to all of the rumors written about them on the internet whether true or not.  That’s why the actress just doesn’t pay any attention to them.

Alba believes that responding to such rumors just empowers the media outlets more, and finds the best way to move past any rumors is to let them run their course.

She tells Parenting Magazine;

“You’d think that the best way to protect my family from the lies and criticisms the press can print about me would be to angrily deny them at every turn. But I’ve found out it’s better to do nothing, as long as it doesn’t deeply affect my family and their happiness.

“Whether it’s true or false, I won’t say anything. I think that’s just feeding into it, and it’s going to create more press than it needs to. My mom’s like, ‘It’s not true! That’s an outright lie!’ And I tell her, ‘Yeah, but if I come out and say that’s an outright lie, then it’s going to be circulated again.'”


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