Miley Cyrus NOT Engaged

UPDATE:  Monday 11:00 AM PST :   Miley Cyrus took to her Twitter page to set the record straight.  “I’m not engaged. I’ve worn this same ring on this finger since November! People just wanna find something to tal about! It’s a topaz people!”

Miley Cyrus was able to stir up a bunch of Internet wedding gossip this past weekend by wearing a sparkly ring on her ring finger.

Cyrus simply posted a photo on to her Twitter page with the caption “I am sooo obsessed with @jennahipp nail foundations!”  – but the pink elephant in the room was the rock on her finger beyond the nail foundations.

Twitter followers started digging up other recent Miley pics in which she was sporting the ring, and the engagement rumors started to run wild.

However,  Cyrus must have caught wind of the rumors and decided to take it back a notch with the ring.  She was ringless at a Muhammad Ali Charity Event this weekend, and a source close to Cyrus and boyfriend Liam Hemsworth told Us Weekly that the ring is not an engagement ring.

And good!  She’s way too young for that!

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