Jason Bigg’s Real Life ‘American Pie’ Moment

Jason Biggs has been caught with his pants down in just about every situation possible in the ‘American Pie’ films, so you’d think he would be used to it by now.

So what about when it happens in real life?

Biggs was excited to show his therapist some photos of his newborn nephew during a recent visit when things got a little awkward.

The actor explains,

“my nephew was born and I’m at the hospital taking pictures of him and I’ve loaded up my phone with nephew pictures… and then I’m in therapy about a week later and I’m visiting with my female therapist… and she knew I was about to have a nephew and she said, ‘How (did it go)?’ and I said, ‘Great, I’ve got some pictures… I’ve got them on my phone right here.’

“I showed her my phone and I’m like, ‘Go ahead, just scroll…’ I’m looking over her shoulder.”

Earlier that week, Biggs had taken a photo of a screen shot of his penis from the ‘American Reunion’ film to show his wife, because she was interested to see how the shot would appear.   The therapist scrolled one photo to far and saw the whole thing.

“She kind of had a minute with my penis and then I went and sat across (from her) back on the sofa (sic) and I just kinda sat there and kind of looked across at her and she kinda looked at me and we kind of just tried moving on from the subject… and finally she’s like, ‘So, how do you feel about me seeing your penis?’ I said, ‘Not so good to be honest with you.'”

A lesson from Eugene Levy would have been good right about then!

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