Frances Bean Cobain: “Twitter Should Ban My Mother”

Courtney Love is known for her Twitter rants, but her latest has stuck a nerve with someone close to the ‘Hole’ singer.  Her daughter.

Frances Bean Cobain has released a statement in response to allegations from Courtney Love that former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl hit on her daughter during a recent encounter.

Frances explains, “While I’m generally silent on the affairs of my biological mother, her recent tirade has taken a gross turn. I have never been approached by Dave Grohl in more than a platonic way.”

She adds, “I’m in a monogamous relationship and very happy. Twitter should ban my mother.”

Grohl also responded to the loony rant by saying, “Unfortunately Courtney is on another hateful twitter rant. These new accusations are upsetting, offensive and absolutely untrue.”


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