Website Offering $1 MILLION For Tim Tebow’s Virginity

Now that the NFL has dealt with the New Orleans Saints and their bounty scandal, they probably thought the bounty days were over.  Unfortunately they are not.

Fortunately, this is a bounty they can just sit back and watch unfold.

Website is offering $1 MILLION dollars to the woman, or man, who can successfully take the virginity of Jets QB Tim Tebow.

Noel Biderman, head of the site, said in a statement;

“Sports and sex (and of course, infidelity) go hand in hand. If Mr. Tebow is indeed abstaining from adult relationships, I would encourage him to find a nice lady or two and enjoy his youth and fame as much as possible.

I guarantee that no man of Tebow’s stature could survive a season in New York without succumbing to the temptations of the city.”

Tebow, a hardcore christian, has maintained a promise of abstinence until marriage because of his faith, but we will see if Mr. Biderman’s guarantee of not being able to survive a season in New York without giving in to temptation is too much for Tim Tebow.


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