Bryan Cranston Reveals ‘Breaking Bad’ Tricks Of The Trade

‘Breaking Bad’ star Bryan Cranston is revealing some pretty cool secrets to shooting the hit TV series about a former school teacher who runs a meth lab on the side.

Cranston claims that aspiring drug lords wouldn’t be able to take any pointers from them when thinking about going into a similar business.

During a ‘Hollywood Reporter’ roundtable interview with fellow 2012 Emmy nominees Kelsey Grammer, Kiefer Sutherland, Peter Krause and Damian Lewis, Sutherland asked how directors avoid giving a how-to tutorial to potential copy-cats, stating; “I remember watching your show and wondering how long would it really take to learn how to make crystal really well? I wondered how many chemistry teachers thought, ‘That’s a great idea.’

Cranston added, “There have been some copycat situations around the country. We do montage scenes like that and we purposefully put the order out of place so we don’t make a how to video.”

The upcoming 5th season of Breaking Bad on AMC will conclude the series.

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