Trailer For Jean Claude Van Damme’s ‘Six Bullets’

While you are waiting for ‘The Expendables 2,’ check out the trailer for Jean Claude Van Damme’s new film ‘6 Bulletts’

About the film: “When Andrew Fayden’s daughter is kidnapped, he goes to the best in the kid-rescuing biz, Samson Gaul (JCVD). The ex-mercenary has the skills to pay the bills, and luckily Fayden (Joe Flanigan) is a former MMA fighter with a sweet tribal neck tattoo, so between them no butt goes unkicked during their search for Becky (Charlotte Beaumont).”

“Six Bullets” leans on the real problem of human trafficking in Eastern Europe for the plot, which reminds us of another angry papa bear with “a very particular set of skills” and a kidnapped daughter.

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